Matthew Randell

Personal Projects



Readsy is an extension for chrome that brings embedded speed reading to any website with just a double click of the text you want to read.

I was inspired by Spritz before developers could sign up. I looked to the Chrome store for existing options but didn't like the over-complexity and need to manually select the text before speed reading then having the interface appear in a separate window of the application. The process ruined the flow of absorbing content.


Hash Tracker

Hashtracker is a web application to track your time and automatically categorize it with hashtags and other special tagging symbols

I needed a tool to track my time as non-intrusively as possible. At my work we had a timesheets app but entering the correct category and subcategory was too tedious to do in real time while frequently switching between tasks.

I found myself writing what I was doing in notepad and trying to transcribe it after the fact. I noticed that I could use natural language to track tasks if I used a basic Twitter style tagging system within the notes themselves. This was different than any existing time tracking software that I could find out there and I was looking for a project to refine my PHP skills so I gave it a shot.



Giftology is a web application to create gift exchange (secret santa) groups with exchange restrictions

For multiple years I was involved with a secret santa gift exchange with my large group of friends. Choosing the exchange pairings was tricky though. We relied on the old "names in a hat" technique but this quickly became tedious as we had rules that restricted couples from pairing with one another and a person from getting who they got last year.

After one year that took upwards of ten tries to get the pairings right I took it upon myself to create a simple application for next year that would make the process much simpler for years to come. It started out as an extremely basic console application but I used it as an opportunity to learn the basics of PHP and soon had grand ideas for growth and expansion.